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Route d'Allaman 120, 1170 Aubonne

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8 am - 8 pm, no breaks

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Want to sell your home?

......Better together with Hugo, your personal real estate agent!

Welcome to my ‘home’ page. You can expect to get a personalized business collaboration that stands for Trust, Transparency, Confidence and Personal Service. All with the purpose to sell your home in limited time and for a reasonable price. The main task of a real estate agent!

Being an expat myself speaking 5 languages, out of experience I can possibly very well  understand some of your challenges. With over 20 years in the field of real estate services in the Netherland and Switzerland, I work totally independent and therefor can guarantee full confidentiality. 

Advantages working with me are: only 2% commission, 7 days a week from 8am-8pm, informal & personal, 5 languages.

Region: La Cote, Aubonne, Etoy, Gimel, Gland, Lausanne Morges, Nyon, Rolle, Saint Prex, Yens….

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You might save 10.000 CHF or more as my commission is only 2%, based on an exclusive mandate. Being a small real estate agent I have no overhead costs and through co-working I found an office on an attractive location.



Hugo van den Hombergh is reachable from 8 am – 8 pm, 7/7 and also during lunch breaks (to adjust to your schedule) Visits can easily planned in evenings and weekends, something the potential buyers often prefer!


Small & Personal

While I moved from home office to a new office recently, my intention is to keep my services small & personal. This assures having enough time to stay in close and personal contact with my clients.

Our office in Aubonne.

Real estate agent with expat experience

Buying or selling a home is a rare situation for everyone. That is precisely why it is crucial to be assisted by an independent advisor. A real estate agent who assists you in the buying or selling process without your emotional involvement, fully committed and with the right knowledge.

Next to these standard needs which every home buyer or seller has, expats might need help which goes a bit further. Communication in the native language for example. But also support in the field of tax regulations, expat-mortgages and notary information.

Are you ready to meet me?

“A real estate agent is a intermediary who is hired by someone who want to buy or sell a house.”

A notary prepares the sales contract and makes sure that both parties are well served by the agreement and that official rules (laws) are followed. He arranges that taxes are payed and finally transfers the remaining money to the seller of the house. The notary finally registers the change of property in the official register.

The seller might have to pay tax on the profit you made on the property. 

The buyer of a house will have to pay property tax based on the sales price.

Applying for a mortgage is basically the same for locals as for expats, though expats might not be familiar with the Swiss mortgages. There is a large choice of providers, types and financial customization. Although mortgages do not cover our area of expertise, we will do our utmost to bring our customers into contact with the right financial professionals.

If the seller makes profit on a property sale, property gains tax in Vaud will be applicable, varying from 7 – 30 %. The amount depends on the amount of profit  and on the period of ownership.

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