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About Hugo, your personal real estate agent

My interest in Real Estate started over 20 years ago back in the Netherlands, while working for different construction companies. Since 2002 I worked in the Service Industry and in 2011, I started as a Real Estate Consultant.  I established my own Real Estate Agency ‘Hombergh Real Estate Services’ in 2013.

My goal is to introduce a more Dutch-like approach to the Suisse Real Estate market with straightforward communication, integrity and a ‘deal = a deal’ motto, better accessibility and an informal and personal service.

As a part-time stay-at-home-dad with a now 10 year old Swiss son, I am getting more and more time and plenty of flexibility in arranging meetings and viewings, even in the evenings and weekend, as is regularly needed. And my phone is still on during breaks, evenings and weekends.


Small & Personal

While recently moving from home office in Lussy-sur-Morges to a new office in Aubonne, my intention is to keep my real estate services small & personal. This assures having enough time to stay in close and personal contact with you, my clients.

Hugo van den Hombergh
+41 79 469 26 40