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Valuate your home

Hugo can offer you several ways to determine the value of a home. If you want an indication of the value for reference purpose only, our online valuation is the perfect road to follow. This low-threshold and accessible way gives the indication what you are looking for. Are you looking for a more professional way to determine the value of a home? Then make an appointment with Hugo quickly! In addition to the involved remote value check, it is of course also possible to have the home visited in order to arrive at a precise value determination.

Selling your home

Looking for a worry-free sale of your home? At a good market price? Search no further! 🙂 The most important competences for a real estate agent are; 1. Know the local market. 2. Put yourself in the position of the seller 3. Be involved and go for the best result for the seller. Result counts! But a top class service in a committed and personal way as well. We are motivated to apply our skills to the interests of our customers.

Promotion (acquisition/development/supervision)

This service represents a combination of multiple expertise; Purchase of land/property. Involvement in the development of realisation and construction. Last but not least; Supervising the construction process. All these processes are no problem for us. We work together with an entrepreneurial architect Masini Studio. Hugo and Stéphane will do their utmost to represent your interests. For the complete process or for a single step. We can make promotion in the real estate field work!

Home staging

One of the services that makes us proud; Home staging. It can be an important link in the sale of a home! Home staging is carried out before the property is put on the market. By critically examining and adapting the interior of a home, potential buyers are better reached. In this way, the potential of a home is fully reflected in the photos that are taken. In order to interest potential buyers as much as possible for a home, it is crucial that the first acquaintance with a home goes well. This first impression is successful when home staging is applied. 

Construction supervision service

A real estate agent must of course have certain qualities to successfully guide a home sale or home purchase. An underestimated very important quality is having a technical background. We believe that technical knowledge within a real estate agency is a crucial element. Only than an agency can provide their customers the best assistance in the complex processes of a home sell of home buy. Hugo has the quality to bring technical knowledge and real estate services toghter. You  need a supervisor on the spot for construction supervision only? No problem. We are thankfull to help you with every step.We work together with an entrepreneurial architect . Hugo and Stéphane will do their utmost to represent your interests.