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Construction Supervision

Want to (re-)build a home in Switzerland? Or do you need a technical supervisor who can facilitate the renovation of a home in your absence? Connect with Hugo; Construction Supervision for foreigners who are living abroad but are building or renovating a holiday home or future home in Switzerland.

When you have a property in Switzerland that is under (re-)construction by a local building company, you would like to have an independent person who keeps an eye on the progress and can solve problems at the spot in your name (and your language), don’t you?

Hugo, your technical construction supervisor

Being part of the Dutch BBAN Network I have an organization behind me with all kind of construction disciplines. This together with decades of experience makes me the best choice for your project. I offer full support before, during and after (re-)construction, as your personal supervisor at the spot.

Expat friendly

Being an expat myself I know bulding, buying or selling a home is not a task that can be done alone. I speak Dutch, English, German, French and even basic Serbo-Croatian.