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Sellling your lovely home

Lets talk about selling your home within limited time and for a good and reasonable price. This can be often an emotional activity! It’s not just a practical or professional process. You lived in your lovely home. You made it your home, so selling is often like ‘giving up your baby’. Even if you plan to buy another, even nicer home. That’s why I find it important that I pay attention to your emotions during the sales process.


House selling process in short (6 steps)

Home selling process in detail

Before going on the market we need to take the following steps;

  • After a first contact and viewing of your property (house, apartment, land), we discuss when and how to move on.  
  • Documents (ECA, floor plans, PPE-info etc.) need to be exchanged and the value of your home and the sales price need to be discussed. 
  • Based on this you sign a contract (preferably exclusive) where you mandate me to sell your property. 
  • Pictures will be taken, a file created and your property will be advertised on the main housing platforms (all by me).
  • In most cases an Energy Certificate has to be established in the coming weeks by an expert (needed for the notary later).

When on the market, the most important part is starting;

  • Interested people first will receive the full detailed file with more pictures. 
  • Then visits of the house will start, planned and usually done by me (of course in consultation with your agenda).
  • You will be updated from week to week, if needed on a daily base.
  • Negotiation of the price will be done by me as your agent, but always in consultation with you and of course in your interest!

The deal is done, what will be next?

  • After getting a verbal and written deal, they pay a 10% deposit to a notary within a few agreed days (in which period no other deal will be accepted).
  • I will arrange formalization with a notary of a contract (draft of a Vente-a-terme or Vente-direct). The notary might need a confirmation of the bank (certificat de préqualification financière).
  • The final contract will be explained by and signed at the notary (usually in my presence).
  • Payment of the remaining price will be done (just) before the date of delivery.
  • The final transfer with keys will happen, snif, snif…. and you say bye bye to your old home.
  • Payment of my commission will be done directly by the notary.
  • The profit that you made on selling your property will be taxed (see link).